Retirement and Later Life

An older Charles Freeman looks at the camera.

In June 1924, Freeman, at age 69, was one of 12 United States Consuls aged 65+ who were forced to retire because of the reorganization of the State Department by President Coolidge. After 30 years in the United States Consular Service, Freeman officially retired on July 1s, 1924.

Of his time in Sydney, a local newspaper article reported that, “both officially and socially Mr. Freeman made a host of friends who will regret to learn of his retirement.” Additionally, before leaving Sydney he was presented with a Silver Service by the friends he made while living here.  Upon retirement he became a member of the Sons of the Revolution.

After his retirement, Freeman and Susan settled in Portland, Maine. As their daughters remained in Sydney, the Freemans came to Sydney often to visit them during the summer months. Charles Freeman passed away in Portland, Maine on April 19, 1936, at the age of 81.