Charles Freeman: Early Life

A young Charles Freeman.

Charles Freeman was born in Portland, Maine to Seargant Smith Freeman and Emma Lord “Larrabee” on June 7th, 1855. The youngest of three children, he attended public schools, graduating from Portland High School in 1873. Many classmates referred to him as Freeman or Chas and he seems to have been a man who was a friend to many. One of his classmates was well-known Arctic explorer, Robert Peary.

Freeman attended the University of Maine, graduating in 1877. In 1881 he married Susan “Sunie” A. Emery from Limington, Maine. Soon after, the couple relocated to New Hampshire. Before joining the United States Consular Service in 1898, Freeman worked in the furniture business in New Hampshire and also served in several elected public offices throughout Maine and New Hampshire. The Freemans had two daughters; Harriett, born in 1884, and Mary, born in 1887. Throughout their travels, the family kept a house in New Hampshire, often returning to visit during his annual leave from the Consular Service.